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Bible Studies

Redeemer offers a variety of resources for in-depth Bible Study.  We meet every Sunday at 11:00 AM for group Bible Study after the worship service.  Everyone is invited.  We also meet on Wednesday mornings at 11:00 AM for mid-week Bible Study.  You can attend the mid-week sessions in person or online via "Zoom".  Our pastor also offers individual adult Bible Information Classes and young adult confirmation classes.  In addition, below are links to online documents and podcasts containing Bible Studies for self-study, or for home and family study.

A God-Lived Life

A Study of Marriage, in the Light of God's Word

Bible Covenants

Bible Studies to Encourage Caring Congregations

Book of Concord

Building Home Bible Study

Catechism Class - Sample Models

Chosen By God:  Teaching the Doctrine of Election to Encourage Our People in Outreach

Devoted - Bible Study on Scouting and Fellowship

Discipleship - Lutheran Small Groups

Evangelical Heritage Version Bible Translation

God's People Gather

Holy Communion (Parts 1&2)  (Parts 3&4)

How the Canonicity of the Bible was Established

Male and Female He Created Them

Marriage Maintenance Bible Studies

Ministering to Millenials

Old Testament Shadows of New Testament Realities

One By One (Evangelism Video Bible Series)

Prison Ministry Awareness

Recovery Friendly Churches

Standing Up for Children - A Christian Response to Child Abuse and Neglect

Stewardship - 10 for 10 Stewardship Program

The AntiChrist

The Holy Spirit and His Gifts

The Real Presence

The Ten Words, Exodus 20:1-17

To the Ends of the Earth (Evangelism)

Welcoming the Struggling

Worship Absence - Addressing Delinquency

Youth Bible Study - Focused Living in Christ

Youth Ministry Made Simple

Martin Luther College - Speaker's Bureau Bible Studies

Northwestern Publishing House - Bible Studies

Time of Grace - Bible 101

Time of Grace - Bible Threads

WELS Women's Ministry Bible Studies ( Books of the Bible / Topical Studies / Bible Sisters / Time - It's a Gift / 

                                                                 Bible Study Resources / Spanish Bible Studies )

Bible Doctrinal Briefs and Exegeses

  1 Corinthians 7:10-16 and Malicious Desertion - An Exegetical and Practical Study

  Agreement in Doctrine and Practice

  Baptism:  Baptist and Lutheran Teachings Compared

  Baptism, Confirmation, and First Communion

  Body, Soul and Spirit

  Brotherly Admonition

  Could Jesus Have Sinned?

  Christ's Descent Into Hell

  Development of our Lutheran Confessions

  Doctrinal Challenges Facing Lutheranism in the 21st Century


  Evaluation of "The Nature and Implications of the Concept of Fellowship"

  Forms of Ministry

  Human Sexuality, Personhood, Identity, and the Historic Christian Faith

  Is Homosexuality a Sin?

  Is Love an Action or an Emotion?

  Is School Choice the Right Choice for WELS Schools?


  Levels of Fellowship - Scriptural Principles or Rules of Men?

  Male and Female in God's World


  Part-Time Pastors


  Revelation 20: An Exegesis

  Sacrificial Giving

  The Age of Accountability

  The Christian Cross

  The Doctrinal Basis for the Formation of the CLC (Church of the Lutheran Confession)

  The Doctrine of Fellowship and the Cost of Discipleship

  The Doctrine of Conversion

  The Holy Ghost, His Person and His Work

  The Nature of Hell in Modern Christian Theology with special focus on the Teaching of Conditional Immortality

  The Old Testament Sabbath and the New Testament Christian

  The Rapture

  The Religion of the Bible and of the Lodges

  The Tithe

  What is Legalism?

  Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary - Essay Files